Watch This Photographer Turn Bullied Kids into Superheroes (VIDEO)

There are some photo projects that are beautiful, some that are revealing, and some that are enlightening. But here’s one that is just plain awesome.

In the video below from Insider, photographer Josh Rossi shows how he turns bullied kids into the superhero characters from the Avengers in his latest photo project. Rossi says he was inspired to start the project after his three-year-old daughter – if you can believe it – received hateful comments from another project she was featured in. (What has happened to the world?)

For his new project, Rossi found 15 kids from different locations and backgrounds to transform them into the Avengers including the Hulk, Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange and others.

By turning these bullied kids into superheroes, Rossi wants the kids to feel confident in themselves, so they can prove the bullies wrong.

Via ISO 1200