Want to Make $500 Shooting Photos This Weekend? Watch This Video And Learn How!

Even amateur photographers appreciate recognition for their efforts, and one way to achieve that is by occasionally selling your work. In the four-minute video below, photographer Chris Hau offers three great tips for turning your photographs into cash.

Hau’s first suggestion for monetizing your love of photography is by “batching a bunch of photo shoots into one.” He came up with this idea a few years ago when he offered headshot photos on Facebook, and quickly lined up several customers at 50 bucks a pop that he scheduled back to back at the same location.

Hau also provides a quick checklist for getting started in stock photography, and explains the best way to present your portfolio to custom photo agencies that will send you assignments when your skills match their client’s needs.

In addition to being a confidence booster, making money with photography is a great way to pick up extra cash when you have the time. There are more helpful tips on Hau’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out our recent story on launching a career in photography and marketing your work.