Photoshop Tutorial: Create Stunning Seascapes by Merging Multiple Photos into One Killer Shot (VIDEO)

Greg Benz is an accomplished landscape photographer with some serious post-processing skills, and in this Photoshop tutorial he reveals how to create epic seascape images by blending a series of photos into one killer shot.

Benz says he’s passionate about photographing the ocean, even though seashore scenes can be among the most difficult to capture. In the video below he illustrates a foolproof technique that involves shooting multiple photographs of waves, before merging them in Photoshop for a final result that evokes the magical essence of the ocean.

Rather than using a single, long exposure that will render the water as a milky blur, Benz shoots a number of shorter exposures and uses the best elements from each when blending them together to create his final seascape masterpiece.

You can find more videos from Benz on his YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent story with 10 great tips for better landscape photography