Try These 7 Simple Composition Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photos Now (VIDEO)

A year ago, landscape photographer Nigel Danson released a wildly popular video with seven composition tips to improve your photography. Now he's back with a follow-up to that video titled "7 Photography Composition Tips to Get Better Photos Now."

If you have any interest in improving your photography by rethinking composition, it's must-see viewing. We've embedded it below.

"Composition is the cornerstone of creating a fantastic image," Danson says. "And in this video, I've got seven tips that are really, really easy to do to massively improve your photos. These tips are all things that can be done on their own, you don't have to do them all together. So, hopefully, there's going to be something you can just pick and mix and decide what might be useful for your particular type of photography."

Here are the seven simple composition tips that Danson describes in the video with, as usual, ample use of his gorgeous images as examples.

#1 Creating Mood

#2 Finding Diagonals

#3 Powerful Triangles

#4 Your Horizon

#5 Asymmetric Balance

#6 Highlights and Shadows

#7 One Color

Check out the clip and then go visit Danson's YouTube channel for more great videos.

Via ISO 1200