These Are 3 Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers ALWAYS Make (VIDEO)

Mistakes are bound to happen, especially for beginners trying a new discipline. So it's quite common if you're a photography newbie to do a few things wrong.

Photographer and educator Anthony Morganti understands that, which is why he produced the short video below on "3 Mistakes Beginning Photographers Make."

"Whenever we begin anything new we tend to make mistakes and photography is no different," Morganti says. "In this video I'm going to talk about three mistakes beginners often make and I'm going to tell you how to fix them."

Here are the three common beginner photographer mistakes that Morganti discusses in the tutorial while showing you easy ways to correct them.

#1 Crooked Pictures

#2 Using Too Small of an Aperture

#3 Use Too Slow a Shutter Speed

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