Photo Basics: 8 Great Low Light Photography Tips (VIDEO)

Even with today’s digital cameras, which can shoot clean images in dim conditions at incredibly high ISOs, low light photography is still a challenge. There are, however, some very basic things you should be doing to help you with the dark art of low light photography.

In the below video from B&H Photo, photographer David Flores offers eight quick tips for better low light photography.

“Low light photography can be tricky business,” he says. “Getting a well-exposed photo in the darkest conditions means understanding how your camera, your lenses, and of course, your light, so they can be used to their full potential.”

Here are Flores’ eight low light shooting tips, which he explains in the 2-minute video below.

#1 Shoot in Raw

#2 Use a Flash

#3 High ISO

#4 Shoot in Manual

#5 Wide Aperture

#6 Slow Shutter

#7 Get a Tripod

#8 Exposure Compensation

Watch the short video below and then go visit B&H Photo’s YouTube channel for more photography tutorials. You should also check out these other “Photo Basics” videos from Flores:

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