New Lomo LC-A Compact, Fully Automatic 120 Film Camera Unveiled

Due to the wonderfully quirky nature of toy cameras, photographers love experimenting with Lomo's film-based models. Unlike the images produced by their more high tech digital and film cousins, a quirky Lomo produces shots with a certain style and character.

With hazy glowing colors and mysterious vignettes, Lomo toy cameras add another level of creativity without the need for image-editing programs and their arsenal of filters. Simply point and shoot a Lomo and let the camera work its unpredictable magic. The results can be, at times, unexpected and amazing.

Lomo’s new LC-A 120 camera is designed to reach a new pinncacle of over 20 years of Lomography photo experimentation. The LC-A 120 is a compact and fully automatic film camera with a close focusing distance of 0.6m, a rear curtain flash, a cable release and a tripod thread.

Other features include the ability to shoot square photos, shoot fast with 4-step zone focusing and programmatic auto exposure, multiple and long exposures and a premium glass wide-angle lens.

The LC-A 120 comes with a cable release, a camera strap, LR44 batteries and a multilingual instruction manual for a suggested price of $429. Only 500 cameras will be made available for the first pre-order batch and the estimated delivery date will be some time in December 2014.

More info on Lomography International here.

Check out some sample shots captured with the LC-A 120 below.