Manny Ortiz Shares His Secrets for Making Beautiful Outdoor Portraits (VIDEO)

One way to improve your photography is to observe a successful pro doing his thing. And in the video below you can do just that while taking a walk in the woods with Manny Ortiz and his pretty wife and model Diana.

The Chicago-based Ortiz is a master of simple environmental portraits with both ambient and supplemental light. In this available-light tutorial he shares his thought process for every photograph he shoots and offers a number of valuable tips along the way.

Ortiz discusses his camera and lens choices and demonstrates how he positions himself to best use the ever-changing light. He also shares a number of compositional tips, including using a tree or foliage to frame his model.

You’ll also learn a bit about posing and how to direct a model as this charming photo walk progresses. There are more portrait tips on Ortiz’ YouTube channel, and don’t miss an earlier tutorial of his we shared explaining how to make the most of golden hour when shooting people pictures.