How to Use Longer Lenses in Photography: 5 Easy Tips for Mastering Telephotos (VIDEO)

Go long or go home? It's not always that simple when it comes to using telephoto lenses to get close to your subject. In fact, using longer lenses in photography can be harder than it looks.

In the below video from travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert he shares "5 Easy Tips to Master Your Telephoto Lens." Here they are:

#5 Create Amazing Bokeh

#4 Shoot Portraits

#3 Reach Further

#2 Put Stuff in Front

#1 Compression

"Shooting with long lenses is really fun because sometimes you don't have to approach people as much, which can be cool if you just want a relaxed, chill day of photography," Lambert says  "And with compression, with background blur, with having shallow depth of field, you can do some much with your photos, and even make small objects look kind of cool. And that is one of the big, big advantages of telephotos."

Check out the video below and then go visit Lambert's cool YouTube channel for more tutorials.