How to Shoot GORGEOUS Portraits in Natural Light (VIDEO)

There are some who say you're not a true photographer if you shoot in natural light. What utter nonsense!

Natural light offers a great opportunity to not only to use the beauty of your surroundings to your advantage as a photographer, it also showcases your ability to improvise while capturing gorgeous portraits that would make professional photographers jealous.

Julia Trotti is a photographer who earns her living shooting many of her portraits in natural light. In the below video, Trotti shares some great tips on how to improve your natural light photography.

"I hope you all enjoy today's tutorial on how to take better portraits with natural light," Trotti says. "I share some of my favorite tips and tricks on working with natural light, share what metering modes I like to use and what camera settings I use as well with lots of video and photo examples."

Trotti also takes you, step-by-step, through the three most popular natural lighting scenarios that she uses all the time in her portrait photography. Those three natural lighting scenarios are as follows: Diffused Lighting, Harsh Sunlight, and Backlight.

Watch below as Trotti works with a variety of models to bring out the most in her portraits when shooting in those three conditions. After you're done viewing the tutorial, hop over to her channel where she has dozens of videos to help you improve all of your photography skills. If you're looking for more natural light advice, check out this tutorial from earlier in the week with tips and tricks for shooting boudoir and swimsuit photos in natural light.