How to Shoot Attractive Portraits in Unflattering Lighting (VIDEO)

One of our favorite portrait photographers is back with another helpful tutorial, this time on how to shoot flattering images in less than ideal lighting. In the below video, Anita Sadowska goes poolside with model Tia to capture portraits in harsh mid-day sunlight. She then brings the shoot inside to capture beauty shots in tricky shadows.

"I’m going to be walking you through how I do swimwear photo shoots from shooting outdoors to indoors, to how I incorporate my background into my shots," Sadowska explains.

Of course, it helps (as always) that Sadowska picks gorgeous, exotic locales for her photo shoots (in this case, a tropical villa) but that's not all it takes to shoot a dynamic portrait in dodgy natural light. You need to find ways to maximize the background and scenery when the light is too bright or too dark.

"Shooting into reflections is always a cool idea," she notes in one of her creative tips. "You just have to make sure that you're not in the shot yourself because if it's a mirror, you're going to show. "

Watch the video below to learn all of her portrait tricks, then go visit her channel for more awesome video content like this one from last week where she explains how to shoot great photos in bad weather.