How to Make Your Photos EPIC in Under 2 Minutes (Without Presets & Photoshop)

We've been singing the praises of Luminar software for some time now and now photographer and YouTuber Pierre T. Lambert has discovered it as well. In the below video, he shows you how to make your photos epic in under two minutes while using the new Luminar 4 program.

"Luminar 4 is something that I just discovered through a friend. He was editing his landscape shot on it and I was like how do you that that quickly? It looked so it good; it would have taken me hours on Photoshop to do it," Lambert says. "And he's like, well, I'm using that thing called Luminar and then Luminar reached out to me a few days later. It's funny how the world works."

Watch the below easy-peasy tutorial from Lambert below where he walks you through a Luminar 4 edit on his photos and you may begin to understand why he says he was "blown away" by this new software.

After you watch the video, you might be interested in getting Luminar 4 for yourself. You can purchase it here for Mac and Windows for $89. Then go visit Lambert's channel for more great photography videos.

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