How to INSTANTLY Improve Your Natural Light Portrait Photography (VIDEO)

Beginner portrait photographers should check out the below tutorial from Bach Photography.  Titled "How to Instantly Improve Your Natural Light Portrait Photography," it's a great starting point for anyone wanting to shoot beautiful portraits using only natural light.

"This tutorial focuses on photography tips and tricks to take amazing photos, focusing particularly on natural light portrait photography," Bach Photography says.

Below are the seven tips shared in the below video. It should be noted that the seventh tip involves some extensive image editing advice in Lightroom that takes up the second half of the video.  If you want edit along with the tutorial, you can download the actual Raw portrait files for free here

#1 Move Around the Location

#2 Center the Subject

#3 Keep Your Horizon Straight

#4 Angular Posing

#5 Shoot Wide Open

#6 Clean Backgrounds

#7 Editing Tips

After you watch the video, visit Bach Photography's channel for more photography tips.

AnnieRipley's picture

Great tips, thank you! I usually do some light retouching in Photoworks but mostly it's not necessary because the right angle is a pure key to success