How to Find Models Anywhere for Your Photo Shoots (VIDEO)

For portrait, boudoir, fashion, and lifestyle photographers who are just starting out, one of the biggest obstacles they face is how to find models to shoot. It's particularly difficult if you don't have a portfolio yet, and don't have a YouTube or Instagram following as big as, say, Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser's.

But have no fear, Sasser is here to help and in the below video he gives you a crash course on "how to find models anywhere for your photo shoots."

"I get hundreds and hundreds of questions but the one question I get over and over and over again is: how do I find models?" Sasser says. "How do I find models to shoot? Where do you find your models? I want to start shooting but I don't have anybody to shoot."

Sasser says it isn't necessary to have an established reputation or a huge following yet to find quality models to shoot. All you have to do is follow his tips, which he shares in the below video.

"Now I know you're going to be saying, 'Well, Michael, of course you've got a big following on YouTube, on Instagram and, of course, people are going to want to shoot with you,'" he adds. "Actually, I did this tutorial with my smaller, old videography account that doesn't really have any boudoir pictures on it, doesn't really have any portraits on it. And I used this method with that account as well and it worked beautifully."

The free video below is just a taste of a longer, paid course that Sasser is offering on his website called "How to Find and Photograph Models Anywhere in the World." So, check out the preview video from the full course below and if you want to learn more, click here to sign up for the paid course. And don't forget to visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more free photography how-tos and tutorials.