How to Clean Your Camera Sensor: Quickly Remove Sensor Dust in a Few Steps (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered how to clean your camera's sensor? Is pesky dust on the sensor ruining your photos? Watch the below tutorial on how to clean your sensor from photographer Craig Beckta and your images will start looking crisp and dust-free.

"In this video you'll discover a quick way to clean your camera'ss digital sensor," Beckta says. "This works to clean the sensor for Sony, Canon and Nikon. You can actually use this quick method to clean the sensor dust of just about any digital camera."

Beckta's 3-minute tutorial is quick and to the point as he walks you through the simple steps to: 1) identify the dust on your sensor; 2) set the camera for auto cleaning; 3) use an air blower for manual cleaning; 4) check that cleaning was successful; 5) repeat, if necessary; 6) identify whether you need to have it cleaned by a professional.

After you watch Beckta video, visit his YouTube channel for more photography tutorials.