Here's How to Give Your Photos a Dramatic B&W Ansel Adams Look in Just a Few Clicks (VIDEO)

Want to give you photos a dramatic, black-and-white look similar to master landscape photographer Ansel Adams? Watch the below video from software expert Serge Ramelli who shows you how to create an Ansel-like style for your images in just a few clicks using Lightroom presets.

"As you know I'm passionate about black and white and years ago I did a book on Paris and New York in black and white. When I did the books, I spent a lot of time studying Ansel Adams who was very known for his dramatic black-and-white look," Ramelli says.

"In this video I will show you a little more theory about his dramatic black-and-white techniques and show you how I use my presets to recreate them on many examples. I wish I would have seen this video when I started 15 years ago."

You can get Ramelli's black-and-white Lightroom presets for free here, so you can follow along with his Ansel Adams tutorial below. And don't forget to subscribe to Rameilli's YouTube channel to get all his photography content.