Here Are 10 Food Hacks Photographers Use to Make Their Images Look Scrumptious (VIDEO)

It's always revealing to see the tricks photographers use to make images of food look positively delicious even when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The below video from Blossom reveals 10 food hacks that turn meager morsels into mouthwatering delights.

Watch how using regular Elmer's Glue gives a melted look to ice cream without actually melting, and how fabric protector prevents syrup from being absorbed on pancakes for the perfect shot. You may be surprised that many of those frothy-looking cups of coffee in advertisements are actually created using soy sauce and dish soap. It's all an illusion but, from a photographer's (and advertiser's) standpoint, it works!

Check it out below and then watch this other mind-blowing video from Blossom with nine more crazy food photography hacks.

Via Twister Sifter