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George Schaub

Tilt And Shift For Canon
On page 191 of the May 2005 issue, James McElroy asks about tilt-and-shift effects with a 35mm camera. He also states he owns a Canon AE1. Canon manufactured a tilt-and-shift lens that fits his Canon camera. It is the Canon TS 35mm f/2.8 lens. I have seen used lenses advertised for about $600. One word of caution: Anyone buying one needs to make sure it comes with a tripod adapter. Without the adapter, when mounted on a tripod, which is how a lens of this type is usually used, the range of tilt or shift may be limited. Both tilt and shift can be used at the same time. The lens tilts in one direction and shifts at a right angle to the tilt direction. The entire lens rotates in its mount, thus, any orientation can be set. Aperture control is manual, and metering must be done stopped down, which is not a big deal. Also, you must use the entire screen for focusing and composition.
Bob Crail
via Internet

Thanks for reminding me about the Canon tilt-and-shift lens. Although I have more than a dozen different focal lengths of prime Canon FD mount lenses for the several models of older Canon SLR cameras, I had never personally used the tilt-and-shift lens. I appreciate your feedback, especially your comments about seeking one with a tripod adapter. Personal experience with any product gives a better insight into what to look for in a new or used item.

3D Processing
Q. My question regards locating processing and printing of images made by the three- and four-lens 3D cameras. My attempt to locate the Orasee Corporation of Duluth, Georgia, indicates the same defunctness that once plagued attempts to find 3D Image Technology of Norcross, Georgia. Weber of New York City is also non-locatable. Surely someone knows of someone who has begun photofinishing for this attractive photography diversion. Can you help me locate some such photofinisher? Prices commensurate with snapshooting would be useful.
John Lyons
Durham, NC

A. The firms mentioned by this reader are the only ones I show in my reference files for 3D processing and printing. A Yahoo! web search located this website: That website provided the following contact information: Orasee Corporation, 4850 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096; (770) 497-0727. I placed a call to this telephone number only to get a message that it was disconnected. An e-mail to the firm at their website asking about their processing business has been unanswered for over a month. So it would seem they are indeed out of business. That said, if any readers know of any current labs doing this type of processing and lenticular 3D printing, we sure would appreciate it if they would drop me a line and provide the name, address, and pricing information. If any 3D labs read this we would like to hear from them, too, as this question comes up several times each year. There appear to be a number of frustrated 3D camera users out there seeking a reasonable processing and printing lab.

Seeking Mugs
Q. Where do I locate a supplier to order photo mugs or neat personalized gifts? I have twin nephews and have some adorable digital shots that I would like to turn into some special gifts. Thanks for your help in this matter.
Janet Hahn
via Internet

A. I know of several firms offering a wide variety of photo-based novelties such as mugs, photo boxes, wall clocks, light switches, key chains, sculptures, coasters, ties, mouse pads, etc. Some deal on a wholesale level but others deal with individual customers. They include The Denny Manufacturing Company, Inc. (PO Box 7200, Mobile, AL 36670, (800) 844-5616, and Neil Enterprises Inc. (450 E Bunker Ct., Vernon Hills, IL 60061, (800) 621-5584, (847) 549-7627, They ordinarily work with photo dealers in offering these items, so check with your local camera store. Many of the online photofinishing businesses, like Snapfish ( and Ofoto (, also offer these items.