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Quick Draw Clip System

A second version of the Quick Draw Clip System has a small button pad that is permanently attached to a device's flat surface with the new 3-M double-sided tape. This is intended for small portable electronic devices (such as a cellular phone, portable CD, Sony Walkman, beeper, etc.) without a tripod socket.
Photos © 2000, Robert E. Mayer, All Rights Reserved

There seems to be a proliferation of belt clip systems for carrying small film or digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, and similar items that are needed nearby when you are busy doing something else. One of the latest to come to our attention is the Quick Draw Clip System.

This clip is extremely simple. It consists of a 1.5" wide by 3" long metal clip that slides onto any belt or waistband and is held securely by a tension spring clip. The front edge is cut away to provide a movable clip with a round hole at the bottom. In the camera version, you also get two round 1.25" diameter washers with a 1/4-20 thread screw having a narrow coin slot on one end and a rubber washer at the other to protect the base of the camera. Simply screw this into the tripod socket on your camera and you're ready to go. Now push the camera base with the attachment in toward your body and the clip will spring open enough to permit the screw head to slide down to the hole. The screw head audibly clicks and locks securely into place for practically weightless carrying. When you want to remove the camera (or other device), simply press in on the outer spring, and lift the camera up to release it.

When used with a more bulky SLR camera I found it more convenient to position the camera with the lens down which leaves the spring release accessible. With a thinner compact 35mm or APS camera, or camcorder, it felt more comfortable having the camera vertical, which meant part of the body covered the spring release. In this situation it was easy to rotate the camera about 90 to give more finger access to the clip.

When using the Quick Draw Clip System, your camera is now conveniently suspended from your belt taking the weight off your shoulders. I found I could wind the neck strap around the camera to get it out of the way, or just remove the strap and rely entirely on the clip for carrying the camera.

The convenient Quick Draw Clip System easily attaches to any belt or waistband for carrying practically any size compact 35mm or APS camera or a bulkier SLR as seen here. A small button screws into the tripod socket and is in turn held by a spring tension clip. This is a handier system than having a camera suspended from a neck strap, particularly if the user is engaged in any strenuous activity that requires a lot of moving about.

I tried using this clip with compact 35mm, APS, digital and moderate sized AF SLR cameras as well as a VHS-C camcorder. Each of these various sized items was conveniently and securely carried while walking the dog, riding a bike, or moving about town without any problem whatsoever. When-ever the camera was needed, it was easy to quickly disconnect it from the clip, use the camera to record the event or subject, then return it to the clip for storage while continuing the activity. The camera does tend to be a bit bulky protruding from your waist in this manner, but I believe it is less bothersome than when having to contend with a same-size camera suspended via a neck strap. In addition, the camera remains tightly affixed to your waist without any swinging or pendulum effect, which can be distracting when, engaged in any strenuous activity.

There are two versions of the Quick Draw Clip System. One is intended for cameras and similar devices with a standard tripod socket and a 1/4-20 screw for temporary attachment situations. Another has a flat pad with a button protrusion that fits into the hole. This model includes 3-M double-sided tape that is used to permanently attach the flat part of the 1x1.25" polyurethane button pad to a small portable electronic device (such as a cellular phone, portable CD, Sony Walkman, beeper, etc.) without a tripod socket. The tape is said to hold approximately 70 lbs per square inch and will adhere to almost any flat or rounded surface, so it should easily hold any portable device.

One complete clip lists for $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. We believe you will find this new system to be as interesting and convenient as we did. If your dealer does not stock this new item, you can obtain more information from: Quick Draw Clip System Inc., 4869 McGrath St., Ste. 130, Ventura, CA 93003; (888) 254-7797, (805) 644-6888; www.clipsystems.com.