Greg Du Toit Shot These Amazing Images of Elephants While He Was Submerged in Their Watering Hole

All Photos ©Greg Du Toit/Barcroft Images

Greg Du Toit is a South African nature photographer and winner of the 2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. He recently made these amazing images of elephants taking a bath while he was submerged in their watering hole at Botswana’s Mashatu Game Reserve.

Du Toit said he wanted to capture eye-level images of these gentle giants from as closely as possible and explains, “It took me three months of studying the watering hole and the elephants’ behavior until I finally took the plunge and climbed into the water.”

Du Toit photographed the approaching elephants from a distance of about 20 yards, but once they entered the water he says they were barely two heart-pumping yards away. He then kept shooting with a wide-angle lens while they calmly went about their business.

Du Toit says the elephants didn’t perceive him as a threat, explaining “By submerging myself in their watering hole I became a part of their world and this allowed me to document their lives in a special way.”

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Via Daily Mail