Erik Wahlstrom’s Poetic Take on Shooting Landscapes: Find an Intimate Place That’s Uniquely “Yours” (VIDEO)

Erik Wahlstrom is a photographer in upstate New York with an unusual approach to landscape photography. As you’ll see in the rather poetic video below, Wahlstrom suggests finding a place that is uniquely your own if you want to create meaningful, intimate photographs.

Despite his travels to the sprawling vistas of the spectacular American Southwest, Wahlstrom says he prefers shooting near home where “his landscape” is the industrial past of places like the abandoned, rusted-out Carghill Grain elevator in Buffalo with its “post-apocalyptic appeal.”

Wahlstrom sys he’s always able to find something new in familiar locations with which he has a special connection, an “intimacy I wouldn’t feel with other places.” In fact, he says that apart from photos of his family, friends, and cat, he’s taken more photographs of the decrepit 1920’s Carghill Grain Elevator than anything else. Watch the video and you’ll see why.

You can find more videos on Wahlstrom's YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent landscape tutorial from scenic Death Valley.