Elevate Your Night Photos with These Go-To Camera Settings & Tips (VIDEO)

Nighttime photography opens up a lot of creative opportunities no matter where you live. That's because scenes that appear boring during the day take on a totally different look after the sun drops below the horizon. Sparkling lights add a whole new dimension whether you're shooting in the field on the street near your home.

Capturing stunning photos requires that you do things differently than when shooting during the day, and in today's seven-minute guide you'll learn what pro Joe Redski says, "Will guarantee incredible night shots every single time." Central to this episode is a discussion of the best camera settings to use and Redski reveals his go-to choices.

Redski insists that nighttime photography "requires an intimate understanding of your gear" and he quickly hones in on essential camera settings for getting the job done. He covers key features like aperture, the value of Auto ISO, and focusing techniques that deliver the goods in low-light situations.

You also learn how choosing the proper Metering mode and White Balance setting factor into the equation. While all of these settings are important on their own, Redski explains how they work in combination to "deliver vibrant, rich, and dynamic pictures under the challenging cloak of darkness."

Redski begins with the "crucial" element of setting up Auto ISO, while demonstrating how this feature "can be an absolute lifesaver in various nighttime situations." You may even be a bit surprised as Redski delves into his trusted approach for using this feature in the most effective way.

The manner in which Redski configures his camera for metering and focusing is likewise somewhat unique, and he covers all the details in a succinct and very understandable manner—with nice illustrations that offer proof of how well his approach works.

The lesson concludes with Redski describing how to harness the power of White Balance to achieve stunning and realistic night photographs that not only appear realistic but seem to jump off the page. He insists that this video is more than just an instruction manual. Rather, "it’s a roadmap to decipher the enticing hues, shadows, and stories that the night holds."

So strap in, take a look, and begin capturing the beauty of the dark in a whole new way. Once you're done watching head over to Redski's YouTube channel where there is much more to learn.

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