Creative Cropping is a FREE Alternative to an Expensive Telephoto Lens (VIDEO)

Fast telephoto lenses have a special mystique in the minds of most outdoor photographers. But what if you can’t afford to purchase exotic big glass? In this eye-opening tutorial, you’ll learn a free and effective alternative to using a long lens.

French shooter Pierre T. Lambert says, “I got an engineering degree for fun,” explaining that he’s currently on a world tour pursuing his passion for photography. In the quick video below, Lambert demonstrates how creative cropping can get you in tight, and drastically change the composition of a scene.

Lambert uses his images to illustrate how “cropping can be your best friend” when shooting with a wide-angle lens. He also explains how cropping is imperative with vertical shots that you want to share on social media platforms like Instagram.

Lambert says creative cropping is a technique that can help you become a better visual storyteller, and he often uses a wide lens for a loose composition, and crops the images to suit his needs. Bottom line, even if you own a long telephoto lens, this tutorial will provide some creative ideas.

You can more great tips on Lambert’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out another of his tutorials we posted, with six tips for photographing strangers on the street.

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I use cropping because sometimes the correct focal length lens is not available when the photo is taken and sometimes I do not own the correct lens. That said I will try to leave some space for cropping for printing...especially going from standard to an 8x10 or 5x7 or 11x14. Also there are situations that you may have taken a wider photo only to find something very interesting in the details that should be a photo all of it's self, for example a beautiful flower that has a humming bird and a butterfly feeding at the same time..