Check Out This Awesome Daylight Long Exposure Photography Trick (VIDEO)

Got a few minutes this weekend? Then you’ve got to try out this clever long exposure photography trick from Evan Ranft.

In the below video, Ranft explains a quick tip that will allow you to capture some cool motion effects in daylight photography.

“Essentially you can capture time passing in a photography, what’s cooler than that?” Ranft says. “One of the most common ways to show motion, to show time passing, is a long exposure photograph. But one big problem that can happen with these long exposure photographs is too much light getting into your camera. Now this issue of too much light getting into your camera can become an even bigger issue if you’re trying to capture motion or do a long exposure photograph during the daytime because the sun is creating more light and that’s more light to deal with. This is one of the main reason you see so many long exposure photos made at night.”

While long exposure daylight photography is tricky, it certainly isn’t impossible as Ranft explains in the below video. So, go out and try his tips, tricks and lens filter suggestions this weekend. And don’t forget to visit Ranft’s YouTube channel and check out all his fun and accessible photography tutorials.