Boost Your Post-shoot Workflow with Aftershoot EDITS: AI-Powered Editing for Photographers

If you're familiar with Aftershoot's AI-driven Culling app, prepare to be amazed by their latest innovation: Aftershoot EDITS. This cutting-edge AI editing software streamlines the entire post-shoot workflow, saving photographers countless hours and preserving their unique editing styles.

How does Aftershoot EDITS work?
Harnessing the power of AI, this software accelerates the editing process without sacrificing the photographer's personal touch. How does it achieve this? By developing personalized AI Profiles based on your past edits.

Simply upload previously edited photos from your Lightroom Catalogs, and the AI will analyze your style, learning from your techniques.

Aftershoot EDITS applies the knowledge gained from your previous edits to create what is called your “AI Profile.” This unique AI Profile is then used to edit your unprocessed photos with remarkable speed – up to 1,000 photos in under a minute!

With the ability to create up to 5 different AI Profiles, you can tailor your editing preferences for various shoots, from landscapes and portraits to weddings. This flexibility ensures your unique editing style is applied consistently across different lighting, subjects, and scenes.

How accurately can it replicate your editing style?
In terms of its AI editing capabilities, Aftershoot EDITS can automatically straighten, crop, and adjust white balance, tones, vibrance, saturation, exposure, HSL, highlights, and shadows.

With a claimed 90%+ accuracy in replicating your style, you'll still have complete control to make any further refinements as needed. Plus, the AI editor continuously learns from your additional adjustments to apply them to future edits.

Take a closer look at how EDITS works in this video. The software's accuracy improves as you upload more edited photos from Lightroom, effectively learning from your unique editing choices. In addition, Aftershoot EDITS is user-centric, allowing you to fine-tune its functionality according to your preferences.

The ultimate offline AI editing tool
Aftershoot is already saving countless photographers hours of their time with AI Culling. The image below is just a snapshot of some power users boosting their post-shoot workflow with it. And now, with EDITS integrated, it will at least double their time saved.

The best part? Aftershoot EDITS offers unlimited photo edits! This means you can give the AI editor thousands of images to edit all at once – within minutes.

Ultimately, it frees you from the tedious editing process and gives you more time to focus on the creative aspects of your business, like booking clients, conducting shoots, and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

For a limited time, Aftershoot EDITS is available free of charge to all Aftershoot users. The pricing structure will be unveiled soon, but Aftershoot promises it will be a flat monthly/yearly rate for unlimited photo edits – no pay-per-image!

Try Aftershoot EDITS
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