Book Reviews

Photography and the Art of Seeing: A Visual Perception Workshop for Film and Digital Photography, Fourth Edition; by Freeman Patterson; Firefly Books Ltd.; $24.95; (ISBN-10: 1-55407-980-2)
Author Freeman Patterson created this guide as a workshop designed specifically to train you to see artistically, to allow your eyes to pick out those special colors, shapes, and fine details that others would normally miss in order to find the art in the everyday objects that surround us. He provides a variety of tips and examples that help you think creatively and find ways to express your imagination in a unique and purely visual way. This is a wonderful resource for those who desire to expand their horizons and take their photography to the next level of creativity.

The Rio Grande: An Eagle’s View; photographs by Adriel Heisey, edited by Barbara McIntyre, foreword by Robert Redford; University of New Mexico Press; $75; (ISBN: 978-0-615-23453-3)
In 1997 the Rio Grande was designated as an American Heritage River. It traces a thin and often-crooked path nearly 1900 miles from the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, through New Mexico, along the Texas-Mexico border, before it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful coffee-table book contains a collection of 185 full-color images and was created as part of a project by the WildEarth Guardians in a campaign to ensure that the Rio Grande is kept as a living river. The text is the perfect complement to these well-crafted aerial shots as it calls for protecting and restoring the waterway for future generations.

Steam: An Enduring Legacy: The Railroad Photographs of Joel Jensen; essays by John Gruber and Scott Lothes; W. W. Norton & Company; $50; (ISBN: 978-0-393-08248-7)
Well known for his passion for America’s railroads, photographer Joel Jensen spent many years exploring the steam-powered trains and rail stations west of the Mississippi. This book captures the essence of his adventure in the form of a collection of well-crafted black-and-white images that reveal the relationship between the trains and the people who are dedicated to their upkeep and operation.

Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide for Digital Photographers; by Jeff Smith; Amherst Media; $34.95; (ISBN: 978-1-60895-314-1)
Author, photographer, and instructor Jeff Smith’s guide can easily help raise your portraits to the next level of creativity. He begins by exploring the six things you should never do, then moves on to defining the pose and all its intricate parts. This collection of 275 full-color images expertly highlights each lesson and points out how to make use of posing techniques, settings, and clothes to create flattering portraits of both men and women in the studio or on location.

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