Book Reviews

The New Complete Guide to Night and Low-Light Digital Photography: Updated Edition; by Lee Frost; Amphoto Books; $29.99; (ISBN: 978-0-8174-4968-1)
Don’t let low-light conditions cause you to miss another photographic opportunity. This informative guide solves that problem by providing information on gear choices, such as how to pick the right digital camera, lenses, filters, flash, and accessories for the job. Lee Frost then explores the fundamentals of understanding light, metering, exposure, and digital image processing. This wide selection of tips, tricks, and techniques are paired with sample images to make learning fast and easy.

Publish Your Photography Book; by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson; Princeton Architectural Press; $29.95; (ISBN: 978-1-5689-8883-2)
With interviews, case studies, marketing tips, and most of all encouragement for the creative process, the authors have made the case that photo books are indeed a worthy promotional and creative tool, as well as a valued legacy. The book is both a primer on photo books and a reality check on costs, the rigors of production and some of the pitfalls that can be avoided. Relying on extensive experience and contacts with some very creative photographers, the authors act as both guides and mentors for those taking on the often daunting task of either finding and working through a publisher or self-publishing their work. The many interviews with published photographers bring true voices of experience to the mix. There’s no question that photo books and modern technology are a match made in heaven for photographers; the question that’s answered here is how one can be engaged and make the experience part of one’s creative, and maybe even financial, fulfillment.