Book Reviews

The Essence Of Photography; with John Upton, Calumet Imagemaker Series; $39.99; (ISBN: 978-0-9798629-2-2)
Designed for beginners and advanced amateurs, The Essence Of Photography With John Upton is part of Calumet's instructional DVD series. This highly informative video focuses on developing your technical and visual skills. Upton covers a variety of topics from equipment to composition and beyond. He even provides insight into the history of photography and shares his reviews of images created by today's most popular professional photographers.

Big Bucks Selling Your Photography; A Complete Photo Business Package For All Photographers, 4th Edition, by Cliff Hollenbeck, Amherst Media; 144 pages, $34.95; (ISBN-13: 978-1-58428-216-7)
Professional photographer Cliff Hollenbeck provides practical advice on the financial and legal aspect of the photography business. His highly informative guide focuses on long and short term business plans, legal issues, rates, copyrights, taxes, licenses, insurance, and selling your work for maximum profit. These are vital skills that will help you obtain the success you've dreamed of.

Photographing Yellowstone National Park; Learn To Take Photos Like The Pros, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Wildflowers, Therman Features, as photographed by John & Barbara Gerlach, Talk Story Media; One hour, 48 minutes, $29.95.
Join professional nature photographers John and Barbara Gerlach on an educational tour through one of America's most beautiful national parks. The Gerlachs provide a wealth of top-quality advice for all skill levels that will help you to capture those dramatic landscapes, vividly colored flowers, and elusive wildlife images you've been dreaming of. The DVD extras include a location finder and an equipment check list as well as informative biographies on the Gerlachs.

Wild Birds Of The American Wetlands; by Rosalie Winward, foreword by Temple Grandin, essay by Terry Tempest Williams; Welcome Books, 130 pages; $39.95; (ISBN: 978-1-59962-034-3)
To create this amazing book, photographer Rosalie Winward embarked on a journey that spanned over 10 years and four states. She traveled on foot, by canoe, airboat, and even ATV to capture this collection of 100 stunning black and white tritone images of birds in the wetlands of North Dakota, Florida, Louisiana, and California. This is an exciting adventure that you're certain to enjoy.

Arizona Highways Photography Guide: How & Where To Make Great Pictures; text and photographs by Arizona Highways editors and contributors; Arizona Highways, 336 pages; $24.95; (ISBN-13: 978-1-932082-84-5)
This informative guide offers a bounty of tips on capturing great images with both film and digital cameras. Every aspect of photography is covered, from what gear to bring, to composition, exposure, depth of field, and lighting. It also provides information on landscape, wildlife, portraits, architecture, and travel photography along with a selection of breathtaking locations that offer endless photo opportunities. The guide is certain to spark your imagination and have you creating the amazing images you've always dreamed of.