Believe It Or Not, This Book Really is a Camera

While it may seem hard to believe at first, this adorable little book is actually a working pop-up pinhole style camera. A wonderful gift idea for photographers of all ages, the book offers a detailed explanation—and even demonstrates—exactly how a simple bit of folded paper can be used to create a beautiful photographic image.

Portable, creative and very easy to use, you simply open the cover and the camera pops up from the center of the page. You then fold in the tabs (so the camera’s body can take its proper shape), load the photographic paper (in the dark, of course), line up your shot and lift the shutter to expose the photo paper.

When you’re done, just remove the paper (in the dark again) and develop it to reveal the image. You’ll still have to invert it but that can be done with a scanner, an app or through contact printing.

The book includes:

• A piece of paper folded into a working 4x5-inch pinhole camera

• A lightproof bag

• Five sheets of photo-paper (cut to fit the camera)

• Development instructions (DIY or outsource)

• The price is $29.

More info on This Book is a Camera…a Pop-up Pinhole Camera here. Check out a video below to see how it works.

(Via Uncrate)