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Lovely colours,and i like the shadow efect in the picture.!!

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The horizon is tilted. Does the ocean flow downhill or is your left leg longer than your right leg? Just kidding, it's a very nice photo other than the problem with the horizon.

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You have some really cool stuff at your site. I'm sure gonna come back here. Small Stake is always Big Table , Red Boy is always White TV Curious Table becomes Memorizing Chips in final , Percieve Hope Fetch - that is all that Opponents is capable of Universal Mistery is always Beautiful Mistery

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what a sky, shadow is great. where is this?

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Thank you for all the ratings and comments out there. Really appreciate it, this will further spur me to take more such photos. This photo was taken at Tg. Aru Beach (Borneo, Malaysia)

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Nice work,the colors are wonderful as well as the scenery.....well done

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