The Bag Man Looks at the Miggo Strap & Wrap: An All-In-One Camera Strap and Case

If you’ve ever wrapped your mirrorless or mid-size DSLR in a baby blanket (or stack of microfiber towels) before snugging it away in your backpack, the Miggo Strap & Wrap is for you. It’s a comfortable camera strap that can convert into a cool case on command.

For years the formula has been the same: camera straps support cameras, camera bags protect them. That’s how it was until the smart people at Miggo decided to shake things up and introduce a product that can do both. It’s a wide strap. It’s a camera wrap. And it’s really pretty neat.

The Miggo Strap & Wrap is available in two sizes, seven colors/patterns for each. If you prefer a wrist strap, no worries. The Miggo Grip & Wrap is just as cool, and comes in the same number of flavors. The sizes accommodate a broad range of medium to small DSLRs, but not the larger full-frame models like my Nikon D800. If you’re not sure which is for you, or—especially—what size you need, Miggo’s website has a “CameraFit” feature that walks you through the steps necessary to measure and determine what’s what.

Attachment and conversion require simple maneuvers that are fully explained on Miggo’s website. There you will also find a link to a helpful how-to video.

The Miggo samples I tried were well made and attractive. Warranty is two years out of the box, and expands to five years if you register your product online. Considering the MSRP ($39 for Grip & Wrap and $49 for Strap & Wrap) it’s a lot of value for the money.

While I doubt that I’ll add this to my Every Day Carry selections, there are definitely times when I’ll use one. Given my druthers I’d remove the logo from the front, but that’s just my personal taste.

Miggo products are available from many sources, including Adorama, Amazon, B&H or directly at MyMiggo.

—Jon Sienkiewicz