Avoid DAMAGING Your Camera & Lenses with This Pro Advice (VIDEO)

There's no denying that photography can be an expensive pursuit, whether you're an avoid amateur or a working pro with a boatload of high-end equipment. In either case it's important to protect gear properly so that everything remains it top condition and performs as it should. In this video you'll learn several pro tips for doing just that.

Ian Worth is a landscape pro based in Wales with a full arsenal of gear who has made a big investment in his career. Sometimes working photographers can't avoid  subjecting equipment to hard use, but even amateurs make mistakes that can "kill" their cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Worth kicks off today's episode like this: "I'll share some important tips on how to protect your valuable equipment because you camera could be getting damaged without you even knowing it." And that's a pretty scary thought.

The sage advice Worth provides is based upon years of shooting in the great outdoors under just about any and all conditions that you can imagine. He shares unfortunate personal experiences, including a mistake he made with a costly lens, and provides a bunch of hard-earned tips on caring for your equipment—both in the field and at home.

In barely 15 minutes Worth covers it all, from choosing the right photo bag or pack, to using camera straps in the safest way possible. He also discusses how keep equipment protected during wet weather and dusty conditions. Another important consideration is cleaning your equipment properly, and that's also part of protecting cameras and lenses from damage so that they perform with precision and last as long as possible.

The bottom line is this: Unless you're a collector, cameras and lenses are meant to be used. But there are precautions you can take without a lot of effort that will keep your equipment in tip-top shape. And by paying close attention you will avoid making the same mistakes that Worth still regrets.

Most of the videos on Worth's instructional YouTube involve shooting and editing tips for making the most of our beautiful world, so pay a visit and explore what's available.

We also suggest checking out the tutorial we featured recently from another top pro that begins with this important gear question: "Do you really need a high-camera with a high-end price?" Sometimes you may be better off keeping the camera you already own and investing in high-quality optics.