Are New Lenses Really Better Than Their Predecessors? Sony Lens Battle Video

If you’ve ever wondered whether newer and, typically, more expensive versions of lenses are that much better than their predecessors, the below video is a fun comparison. In the clip, swimwear and lingerie photographer Anita Sadowska compares the new Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II lens from this year to the older “Mark I” version.

In the video, Sadowska uses both lenses on a Sony A7 IV during a photo shoot with a model in New York City.

“Today I will be showing a behind the scenes of this cute photo shoot I recently did in New York,” she explains. “I was testing out the 24-70 Mark I and Mark II, side to side, just to see if one of them performs better than the other. Is it worth switching to the newer lens?”

Watch below as Sadowska tests the new and the old lens while photographing her model in a range of outfits, some of which are lingerie and boudoir oriented.

“We kept it pretty retro for all of the looks,” she says. “The first one was kind of a rock and roll vibe and the second one was a bit more sexy. A bit more pulled back. It was just black high-waisted underwear and a bra. We had a jean jacket at the beginning and then we took it off.”

Also included was a gorgeous black cat who helped fill out the bedroom scene while providing another test element for the lens comparison.

“I have to say that, as you see in the little video previews of the back of my camera, the lenses didn’t have any trouble focusing and, in some instances, they were actually focusing both on the model’s eyes and on the cat, which I love,” she notes.

So which lens did better in the test, the new Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II lens or older version? Check out the video to see what you think.