9 Tips on How to Take Better Black-and-White Photos (VIDEO)

Despite all the advancements in photography, there’s nothing quite like a classic black-and-white image. But there’s more to good black-and-white photography than simply shooting with black-and-white film or, perhaps, using the monochrome filter in your digital camera.

Photographer Jamie Windsor knows all about this, which is why he produced the excellent video below with “9 quick tips for better black-and-white photos.”

“These days, color is the default from the casual smartphone shooter to the professional photographer with the high-spec DSLR,” Windsor says. “Black-and-white has become a filter, an afterthought, a way of 'rescuing' problematic shots. But black and white is more than an editing technique, it's a completely different way of working. A completely different photographic language. Making the conscious choice to create black-and-white photography will help you develop your visual senses and force you to see the world differently. In this video, I run through 9 tips and techniques to help you develop your black-and-white photography.”

Watch the video below and then go hit the streets and shoot some black-and-white! You can watch more of Windsor’s videos on his helpful YouTube channel, including this clip where he tells you 10 hidden Lightroom features you really should know about.