7 Camera Setting MISTAKES that Beginners ALWAYS Make (VIDEO)

There are quite a few basic camera settings mistakes that beginners need to stop making right away. That's the message from landscape pro Mark Denney in the below video where he explains seven common camera mistakes and how to fix them immediately.

"I mentioned this in a video a couple of weeks ago, but I think two of the more difficult aspects of photography are related to photo editing and fully understanding your camera settings," Denney notes. "And much like anything when you're a beginner and just starting out there are a multitude of different mistakes you make, but over time as you progress, you're able to identify these mistakes and correct them."

In the tutorial, Denney shares the beginner camera setting mistakes he made most often when he was starting out in landscape photography.

"Most of the camera setting mistakes covered in this video I've since resolved, but a couple of these still pop up for me from time to time," he says. "I really hope you enjoy this week's video and are able to walk away with some helpful information that you can apply to your landscape photography moving forward."

There's a nice but rather long intro to the video, so if you want to get right to the camera setting tips, jump forward to the 6:20-minute mark where Denney explains these seven novice mistakes.

#1 Always Leaving Stabilization ON

#2 Always Using AUTO ISO

#3 Too Slow of a Shutter Speed

#4 Always Using Auto Modes

#5 Not Experimenting with Raw

#6 Not Testing Other White Balances

#7 Using the Wrong Focus Mode: AF-C vs AF-S

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