5 Ways to STOP Taking the Same BORING Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

Do you ever get in a rut with your landscape photography? Do your images of nature start to look the same? Or even more importantly, are they starting to look boring?

If any of those things are true about your landscape photography, you need to check out pro photographer Mark Denney’s tutorial below where he shares five techniques to “stop taking the same boring landscape photos.”

“We all view the day to day world the same exact way, at eye level,” Denney says. “So if many of your photos are taken with that same perspective then chances are you're not capturing the most unique and attention grabbing images.”

In the video below, he shares five compositional techniques that he says have “completely changed the way I approach and photograph a scene.”

“And most importantly,” Denny adds, “These techniques have enabled me to create more compelling images that make the viewer want to stop and examine the photograph further.”

Technique #1: Natural Framing (1:24-minute)

Technique #2: Vary Focal Lengths (3:07)

Technique #3: Get Close Up (6:12)

Technique #4: Get Low (8:50)

Technique #5: Get High (11:47)

“All of these five techniques are a great way to just stop taking those boring landscape photos or any type of photograph,” he concludes. “It doesn’t matter if you’re four foot eleven or seven foot two, you see the world the same way. You see it at whatever your eye level is. And when you can create something that is completely different from eye level, that creates those unique images.”