5 Top Tips on How to Photograph Non-Professional Models (VIDEO)

Many up-and-coming photographers might not have a budget to afford to hire a professional model for a portrait shoot. But have no fear: you can shoot great photos of a non-professional model if you just follow some basic advice.

In the below video, pro photographer Irene Rudnyk shares her five top tips on how to photograph non-professional models. Her subject in her portrait shoot is fellow photographer and non-pro model Anita Sadowska who does a great job demonstrating Rudnyk's helpful tips.

Tip #1: Start with Easy Poses

"What are easy poses?" Rudnyk asks. "In my experience, it's much easier to come up with natural looking poses when the model is sitting, leaning, or interacting with props or the environment around them."

Tip #2: Avoid Straight Lines & Create Curves

"Avoid taking pictures straight on an instead make sure that your model is creating curves with her body. Straight on is not only boring but also doesn't do justice to anyone's body."

Tip #3: Be Vocal & Supportive

"It's super important to communicate with your model non-stop. It's one of the most awkward things when the photographer is just silent. Even a simple: 'Yes, that's amazing. That's great!' That's all you need to say sometimes."

Tip #4: Keep the Best for Last

"Keep the best ideas for the end of the photo shoot. In my experience, it takes about thirty to 45 minutes for the model to fully relax and feel like a model. So keep your best ideas and the hardest poses for the end of the photo shoot."

Tip #5: Create a Fun & Friendly Environment

"I always treat my models as my friends. I don't mind joking with them, keeping it not too serious and fun. You want your model to trust you, to know that this is a safe environment to be yourself."