5 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve Your Portrait Photos (VIDEO)

Good portraits are taken, great portraits are made. That's the message behind Gavin Hoey's easy and helpful tutorial below where he shares five tips he says will instantly improve your portrait photos.

"A good portrait isn’t something that just happens, it takes time, planning, and practice to get it exactly how you imagined it," Hoey says. "However, there are a few tricks the pros use that can instantly improve your chances of getting the perfect portrait faster and more often."

In the Adorama video below, Gavin Hoey shares handy portrait advice including matching your model's eye height with your own, to controlling the light with a reflector or an off-camera flash to make your subject look gorgeous. Combine all of Hoey tips below and you'll see the quality of your portraits improve right away.

Tip #1 Working at Your Model's Eye Height

Tip #2 Adding Props to a Portrait Shoot

Tip #3 Use Fill Light with a Reflector

Tip #4 Move Location for More Options

Tip #5 Explore All Angles to Find Your Photo

Watch below as Hoey demonstrates these portrait photography tips on location while photographing model Jess. Then try the quick tricks on your own and see how much of a difference they make with your own portraits.

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