5 Things You Should Do in Lightroom for EVERY Portrait (VIDEO)

As we all know, a great portrait isn't always created once you press the shutter. Oftentimes, you'll need to process your shot after capture to make your subject look their best. But what's the best way to edit at portrait in a program like Adobe Lightroom?

Software expert Anthony Morganti gives you the lowdown in the below video with his "5 epic Lightroom portrait tips." In the tutorial, Morganti goes over five things he does to every portrait he processes in Lightroom Classic.

"For best results with your portraits, I recommend that you do these five tips in the order that I present them," Morganti says.

Tip #1 Blemish Removal

"The first thing you should do is remove any blemishes," he notes. "We're going to use the spot removal tool for that. You're going to want to use the heel brush, and I've found feathering around 75 usually works pretty well."

Tip #2 Soften Skin

"The next thing I recommend you do is soften skin. And there's a really specific way that I go about doing it. First of all, zoom out from everything. Then grab the Soften Skin Light preset brush."

Tip #3 Lessen Dark Rings Under Eyes

"Lessen the darkness, or rings, or bags under the eyes; and the key word is lessen. You don't want to try to eliminate these bags under the eyes because you won't. It won't look natural."

Tip #4 Enhance Iris

"Again, we're going to use a brush tool for that and again, we're going to use a preset brush. Go to this dropdown and you'll see that there is a preset Iris Enhance."

Tip #5 Whiten Teeth

"Again, we're going to use a brush tool and again we're going to use a brush preset. Go here and you can see that there is a brush preset for Teeth Whitening."

Watch the video below where Morganti demonstrates these tips on sample images and explains more on how to achieve the best results. Then go visit his channel to see more tutorials. If you want to learn more on how to create awesome portraits, check out this story with a great posing hack.