5 Things You Should Do to Capture Better Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

Photographer Mads Peter Iversen says he can improve your landscape photography in five simple steps. All it takes is a better understanding of image composition and you'll see you landscape photos improve dramatically.

"Composition in landscape photography can seem a daunting task," Iversen says. "With this video, I break it down into five simple steps you can choose to follow to master composition. Ever since I cracked the code to make powerful compositions in landscape photography, that is what I focus the most on when I am out photographing: making a powerful and meaningful composition."

Here are Iversen's five simple steps to mastering composition in landscape photography:

Step 1: Subject

Step 2: The Environment

Step 3: Balance

Step 4: Visual Flow

Step 5: Edge Patrol

Check out the tutorial below which includes many of Iversen's wonderful landscape photos as examples to emphasize each step. Then go visit his YouTube channel for more great videos.