5 Reasons Luminar NEO is BETTER Than Lightroom (VIDEO)

Over the past few months we’ve been paying far more attention to Luminar NEO as photographers are increasingly making the switch with from Lightroom or Photoshop. In fact, it was only a week ago that we ran a storing explaining what’s new in the recent NEO update 1.8.0.

Now one of our most trusted instructors says he just made the transition from Lightroom to NEO, and he explains why in the quick tutorial below. As he explains, “There are five reasons why Luminar NEO is better than Lightroom.”

Toma Bonciu is is a professional Romanian landscape and adventure photographer, and a very popular educator. So when he makes a bold claim like the one above, we stop and pay attention (and you should too). Every photographer has their own editing style, favorite software, and a workflow that works best for them, so keep that in mind while listening to Bonciu describe his preference for NEO.

Bonciu says “I was pleasantly surprised by the new version of Luminar NEO and in some ways I think it’s better than Lightroom because it offers functionalities that I’m used to having in Photoshop.” He also prefers the manner in which NEO’s various tools work.

The biggest advantage NEO has over Lightroom in Bonciu’s view is the ability to create a mask when using any tool. It is important to note, however, that once you create a mask and make adjustments, “NEO doesn’t let you go back and change the mask.”

Another reason for Bonciu’s preference over Lightroom has to do with how NEO organizes layers in a manner similar to Photoshop. He says that, “With this type of layering you have perfect control, and you know for sure that a modification can affect an entire image. Again, there’s a drawback that Bonciu’s is willing to overlook for the reasons he explains.

There are three more reasons for Bonciu’s claim that Luminar is better than Lightroom, and he explains each is a very clear, straightforward manner. So if you’re thinking about making the switch, you’ll want to watch this lesson from beginning to end.

There is much more to learn about shooting and editing outdoor photographs on Bonciu’s popular YouTube channel, so be sure to pay a visit.

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