5 Must-Know Street Photography Tips (VIDEO)

Pierre T. Lambert shoots a lot of street photography videos and he often gets asked by viewers what are his favorite camera settings. So in the below video, Lambert shares his tips on what settings he uses, why he thinks camera settings are actually not that important, and how to get the most out of your street photos no matter what gear you're using.

"Today I'm going to be sharing with you five street photography tips that I believe can transform your photography," Lambert says. "Why am I do this right now is because a lot of you guys have been asking about all the settings I was using in my video that I shot last week where I was doing two hours of street photography with you guys in Chicago. A bunch of you loved it and were asking 'Hey what kind of gear are you using, what kind of settings were you using?' So I thought I might do a follow up with all those tips and also share with you what's in my mind. How do I think about those images when it happens in the street?"

Here are Lambert's five tips, which he discusses and demonstrates in the below tutorial.

#5 Forget About Settings

#4 Use Primes Over Zooms

#3 See Don't Capture

#2 Shoot in All Weather

#1 Crop Your Images

After you watch the video, visit Lambert's channel for more great photography content.  You should also check out this recent video with "5 Easy Street Photography Tips from a Pro for Beginners."