5 Macro Photography Myths You Should Ignore (VIDEO)

This is a great time for macro photography: Not only are insects and flowers plentiful, but for those of you who are social distancing there’s plenty to shoot in your own backyard. This quick tutorial offers some very helpful advice, especially for those new to close-up photography. And in just 10 minutes, Swedish pro Micael Widell debunks five popular myths that are simply untrue.

Widell specializes in portraiture, macro, and floral photography. And as you’ll see in the video below, he’s also an excellent photo instructor. He begins by blowing up the myth that a tripod is essential for capturing great macro images. He says, “I can’t even imagine using a tripod for the kind of macro photography I do while walking around in the field.”

You’ll also see why Widell says autofocus  is “an annoyance” that’s not really helpful for macro photography, while explaining why he prefers to shoot manual. He also describes the type of flash units he prefers, and you may be surprised to learn why the commonly employed ring flash isn’t his preference.

So watch the video for more details on these and other macro tips from Widell. Then go out in your yard and capture some stunning shots. There is more helpful advice from Widell on this YouTube channel. And be sure to watch the earlier tutorial we posted explaining how to capture great macro photos on a budget.