5 Crazy Camera Hacks You've Probably Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

If you've shot or wanted to shoot video and/or still photos using a stabilizing camera rig, you've probably been put off by the price. Camera rigs and stabilizing devices can be expensive and they're also a bit awkward to use. Not to mention, they're not all that effective in certain situations.

Dan Mace is a filmmaker, photographer and YouTuber who has shot with many different camera rigs on high-end commercial shoots and has, at times, found them lacking. That's why he decided to hack together five "sh*tty" camera rigs and give them a whirl in the below video titled "5 Camera Hacks You've Never Seen Before."

Here are the 5 hacked camera rigs he demonstrates in the video, so you can try them on your own if you have limited resources but miles of creativity. (Word or warning: some of these rigs actually look kind of dangerous, so take Mace's "do not try this at home" disclaimers seriously.)

#1 Remote Controlled Car

#2 Fish Tank

#3 Ladder Hand Held Car Jib

#4 Blair Witch Crotch Cam Tripod Dangle Stable GoPro Holder

#5 Vape Smoke Rig

Check it out below and hopefully it will unleash some creativity in you this weekend. Then go visit Mace's YouTube channel for more ideas and inspiration.