4 Easy Ways to Find the PERFECT Light for Your Photos Every Time

Photography is all about light. But, as with all things, there is good light and bad light. But what if you could always find the perfect light for your images?

That's a frequent goal of many photographers because good light can mean great photos. Unfortunately, it's not always an easy goal to meet. In the below tutorial from Mark Hemmings, he shares four easy ways to get perfect light for your photos every time.

"You might be thinking that all photographers already know that light is the basis of photography and you'd be right," Hemmings says. "But it's also true that just a few subtle but powerful secrets for using light will improve your photography like nothing else."

In the below tutorial, he explains these four secrets for getting the perfect light in your images:

#1 Use Rays of Light for Unique Portrait Photos

#2 Use Shadows to Add Depth to Your Portraits

#3 Choose the Right Time of Day for Perfect Landmark Photos

#4 Use Silhouettes for a Stunning Dramatic Photo

After you watch the video, go visit Hemmings' Photography Pro channel for more helpful tutorials.