3 Tips to Help You Take Gorgeous Reflection Portrait Photos (VIDEO)

Reflection photos can be really striking. And reflections can be even more effective in images when shooting portraits because it creates a unique, eye-catching take on your subject.

In the below video, boudoir and portrait photographer Michael Sasser shares three tips on how to capture gorgeous reflection portrait photos.

"Using reflections in your images can add another level of depth, it can add a little interest to the photo," Sasser says. "So, what we're going to do today is talk about three different ways you can use reflection in your pictures. I've been wanting to make this video on how to shoot reflection photos for a while. It has been a really requested topic. Most people should have access to mirrors and phones (to use in their reflection photos)."

Here are the three reflection photography tips Sasser demonstrates in the video while shooting images of his model, Maria

#1 Using Mirrors

#2 Windows as Mirrors

#3 Shoot through Glass

Bonus Tip: Your Phone's Screen

Check out the tutorial below and then go visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more awesome portrait and boudoir videos.