3 Editing Mistakes That RUIN Photos in Luminar Neo (VIDEO)

More and more photographers are using Luminar Neo, either as an adjunct or replacement for Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Created by Skylum, Luminar Neo is an AI-powered program for Mac and PC users that’s updated frequently and relatively simple to use.

If you just jumped on the bandwagon or you’re thinking about doing so, the tutorial below is a must-see, explaining three image-killing mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. Naturally, the simple solutions are revealed too.

Photographer Jim Nix is also an excellent instructor who frequently posts straightforward tips on gear, shooting techniques, and image editing. All of Nix’s lessons have a common goal: “I’m here to make your photos look beautiful.”

Nix is a Skylum aficionado, and there’s a link to Luminar Neo with a $10 coupon code in the description beneath the video. He says that the mistakes revealed in this episode can send you down the wrong path when editing your work, or potentially ruin the overall look of an image.

Mistake #1 is not using a Raw file if you want harness the power of everything Luminar Neo provides. As Nix insists (perhaps no surprise to you), “Raw files are richer in terms of data, you can do more with them, and get better-quality results.” In fact, Nix says, “Starting with a Raw file is a foundational step.” He provides several clear examples to illustrate this point.

There’s a lot more to learn in this video, especially when it comes to Luminar’s AI capabilities, including why it’s essential to make edits in the proper sequence. You’ll also see why “you don’t want to let AI do everything for you”­—hence the importance of making certain adjustments yourself.

Nix also provides a very helpful overview of the numerous tools provided by Luminar Neo to help you adjust everything from exposure and contrast, to color and much more. That way you’ll understand when to let artificial intelligence work it’s magic, and when to step in and use your newfound skills.

After watching this video head over to Nix’s instructional YouTube channel where you’ll find many more helpful tips and tricks.

And check out the tutorial we posted recently from another pro, describing what he says is a “huge problem” for Lightroom users that’s super easy to fix.