20 Great Poses for Men Who Aren't Models to Try on Your Next Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

If you're a beginner photographer and you're struggling to pose men who aren't models on a photo shoot, check out the video below from Jessica Whitaker. In the easy portrait photography tutorial, Whitaker shares "20 pose ideas for men who aren't models."

"I'm making this tutorial for those of us who are just starting out in photography and have our friends, our family, people in our circle to model for us," she says. "And it's for those photographers who maybe are a little bit further along doing senior portraits or even family photo shoots, engagement shoots, and with guys they struggle and draw a blank when it comes to posing them. A huge part of this video is making your client feel comfortable in front of the camera."

Here are the 20 poses for men that Whitaker demonstrates in the below video:

Standing Poses:

#1 Crossed legs

#2 Checking watch

#3 Leaning against wall

#4 Hands in pockets

Walking Poses:

#5 Looking to the side

#6 Looking over the shoulder

Sitting Poses:

#7 Hand by face

#8 Close up

#9 Hands over knees

#10 Arms to side

#11 Hand on knee

#12 Wide shot

#13 Double wide

#14 On bench

#15 On steps

Close Up Standing Poses:

#16 Arms across chest

#17 Hand on chin

#18 Hand behind head

#19 Leaning on railing

#20 Looking off

Watch the tutorial below and then go visit Whitaker's YouTube channel for more photo tips.