10 Quick Tips on How to Pose Women and Make Your Models Feel Comfortable (VIDEO)

Manuel Ortiz is a Chicago-based wedding/portrait photographer who strives to capture the spirit and personality of his subjects. In this helpful tutorial video, he enlists the help of his pretty wife Diana to provide 10 effective tips on posing women.

Above all, Ortiz notes the importance of making your model feel comfortable and attractive. So if she feels she has a “better side,” go with it. At the very least that will make her feel as attractive as possible. And if one of the shots doesn’t turn out like you imagined, the best approach is to say, “That looks nice; now let's try something different.”

Ortiz also discusses using body posture to make your model appear slimmer, the use of negative space, natural ways to pose hands, and effective cropping techniques. So watch the video, find a willing model, and give these techniques a try. And remember: Positive reinforcement!

You can see more of Ortiz’ work on his website.

Via ISO 1200