New Weye Feye Device Attaches to Your DSLR to Create Wireless Connectivity

Here's a neat little mobile device we came across to help you unplug your digital SLR. The Weye Feye, from Xsories, is an external unit that connects to your DSLR and generates its own Wi-fi network. This enables wireless and remote control of your camera with the aid of the smartphone/tablet (Android and iOS) App.

The Weye Feye is made for use with most Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Featuring a built-in battery and server, the Weye Feye is autonomous and operates with 802.11n Wi-fi technology. This provides a powerful high speed, long-range (up to 80 meters) signal.

The Live View function (available with the App) lets you take of the control of the camera without even touching it, allowing you to change the set-up (ISO, WB, aperture and metering), switch modes (Photo, Video, Time Lapse), control the focus (Manual, Automatic) and capture images.

The Gallery will allow you to view, select and share images from your smartphone or tablet directly your computer, social networks or sharing sites and the integrated server allows up to 20 users to access (to view and download images) the Gallery without having to install the App. The device can be used for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

THe Weye Feye selss for $249.99
. More info here.